Sunday, 8 November 2015

Self checkout

In urban and sub urban areas in sri lanka , the term shopping is now directly bind with the word "Supermarket". Specially with the expansions of the  "Cargills" store  through out the  country, has become a natural act to visit a super market  to buy grocery items.
  The legendary "Sunday Pola" is still standing at the top for vegetable , fish and fruits , but still there is a very little slaggy tendency towords buying such natural items  from super markets as well..
                     Anyway now my point is at the billing point. Shopping in an air-conditioned space is a very comfortable thing.You know about that. Looking at loads of items.Touch every thing.Compare prices. Load the cart , unload some items when you saw a better thing than waht you already got .... Yes  this is fun.
But once your cart is fully loaded, you can not take it out easily.

                                               You have to BILL it. you have to Pay for them.

But the wonderful fantasy would come to an end at the billing counter. Keeping the trolley for long time in the queue. Yes, there are no chairs at the queue. It is not an easy task. The best thing comes when you are at the queue with a  loaf of bread , while the person in front of you having items which cost about Rs.10000.
So why we can not bring  self checkout process to our supermarket scheme. This is not a brand new  concept. it is there in different countries in different way. We can make it here as well in a such a way that it suites with our culture.
So this is my way.

1. Super market have an smart phone app.
2. Customer needs to download it to their phone.[Yes it is free to download]
3.Create a user and login to the app.
4.There are two login types
  • As a online shopper
  • As an in-store shopper 
5. You can use "in-store shopper" login mode to self checkout process a the supermarket premises.
6.You  can login as "online shopper" to experience the more common online shopping.
7.Ok now lets go to the super market.
8.login to the APP as "in-store" shopper.
9.  You have a very big bar code scanning window. Just scan the items and add it your bill and put them to your cart.

10. OK , now your question is how far this would be an accurate or practical in real world.
11.You don't get very clear bar-codes in every items. Will it get much more time to find the bar-code and  wait it to get focused by the camera and verify it and do the rest. Me too dont't know exactly whether that would be done. But if it is possible , then it is great.
Checkout the below link .

12. Ok now  done  shopping. Now pay the bill through the app.  The app itself configured from where the amount to be deduct.[Actually you configure it on the APP ] .
Whether it is from your
credit card
 Ez-Cash / m-cash
 to add it to your mobile phone bill
Or directly form your bank account or what ever.
13.Now payment done. Still it is not over. Now you got  a payment code.
14.There are some people at the super market  , ready to pack your stuff.
15.Just show the payment code to them , they will verify your items and pack it to you.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Designs with COCONUT Scraper

Today while i was at the office , i had a chance to talk about a "Coconut Scraper"  Just like as below...  It was a pretty much simple item , and it had a vacuum sealer at the bottom to make it stick on the floor.

So at the same time we had a  long discussions about this coconut scraper and came through with some wonderful ideas. Such as , what are the other possibilities that we can use this coconut scraper concept ?

1. How about to design the same with out the blades with a short trunk .Like below....
    Now this is our newest "Door holder" in windy days.
 Sample :

2. Now we can turn this into a candle holder .Good thing is that we can fix it very tightly on the surface , where we can sure that it will not fall with accidents.

3. Now lets take two of them. Lets remove the blades.(Actually it can be removed easily by its design ) . Then pass a thin aluminum cylindrical rod through the hole where blades were fixed. Now fixed the other scraper at the other end of the rod. now you have a movable bathroom towel hanger....

I know there are lot more we can do using this gadget.  So what else do you think ?

Friday, 25 September 2015

Still in dark....

I was wonder , why the local banks are still using debt cards under  "VISA" registration for local transactions. Even it looks pretty professional ,  it takes loads of money out from our country without a proper reason.
When i am using my debt card at Cargills supermarket , my charging request will first go to Singapore and  comes back to my bank  for the account validation and to complete the transaction.Why the hell we cannot locally validate our accounts with our banks. This was what  in my mind for the last few years. But actually i was in TOTALLY DARK.
It is "Lanka Pay" . i was aware about "Lanka Pay"  as a common ATM network for all banks in sri lanka. But realty is far more beyond than this. They are moving with the very well clear vision ,  and i truly hope they will archive it quickly.

Here what are they doing right now and what they are expecting to do ....

Extracted from

"During the year under review LankaClear completed the technical development of the following payment systems and invited the banks to connect to the systems:  

  • The Common Electronic Fund Transfer Switch  
  • The Shared ATM Switch
  • The Common Mobile Switch 

As at March 31, 2015, the CCAPS had the technical capability to support 24x7 financial transactions through ATM, mobile phones and internet connectivity. Nevertheless, while the technical infrastructure of the CCAPS system is currently ready for use, the CCAPS has not yet been fully adopted by the country’s bank and non banking institutions and other relevant agencies. Therefore, at present, only limited benefits are available to the public, such as the ability to commonly use around 80% of the countries ATM network. 

Currently financial institutions are in the process of aligning internal ICT systems with the CCAPS to come on board the common platform. Sri Lanka’s key government agencies are also in the process of aligning with the CCAPS. A common framework will be developed under the ICT Agency to facilitate all government payments, such as taxes and customs duties. This integration of state institutions is expected to commence with the Department of Customs. Once the Department of Customs is integrated into the system, customs duties could be paid around the clock, through any electronic means, enabling clearing of goods 24x7. 

Deployment of the Common POS Switch is awaiting relevant Central Bank Directions. Once the Central Bank guidelines are conveyed to the banks, the countries banks will begin the process of integrating with the Common POS Switch. The implementation of the Common POS Switch, along with a National Card Scheme, which is being evaluated by the Central Bank, would tremendously increase the reach of card based payments through significant cost reductions and new product offerings."

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Short code to get the time......

Is there any short code or any ussd code to get the current time through any mobile network ?
Had a bad experience with an old Symbian phone , 
Time was around 10.oo p.m.  , suddenly i drop my phone and its battery flew away. Then i rearrange everything , switched on the phone , ....what a devil , the time has rested. Now no internet (very much lazy to switch on the laptop again...... )  , I need to  set the alarm as well. what a nightmare ....  
   So what it would be , if i can dial xxx and know the time and date..... whooooo.......

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

No more FOOD Waste ...

Sometime back, this was a real burden for me. No place to bury. No place to produce compost. Had to wait for the urban council tractor for number of days. The result was pretty much dreadful. Awesome smell, eye catching colours , heart pleasing creatures. (Worms), and the best thing is that it was me, who had to clean it anyway at the end of the day.

Somehow I was just able to find a temporary solution for that. Its best results would come in a hypothetical environment, any way I was just manageable to build a prototype of it.

 It is simple,

 Need ,
  Aluminum sheet ( 2 feet in height , about 3 feet in length – No size limitation. )   Iron net (small holes ) ,
  Some nails, that’s all.

       1. First make a cylinder with the aluminum sheet.

2. Cut out a circular shape piece from the iron net that match with the area of the cylinder mouth.

 3. Cut out three openings at the bottom of the aluminum cylinder. Now it looks like as a three leg tower.

 4. Now place the iron net , inside the cylinder little bit above the open gates. Use nails for that. Use any method to hold it.

 Now it is done. I think now you know that how it should work.

Put your daily food waste to the cylinder. (Yes…. obviously from top) . Then use your waste cardboard, papers and surely the coconut shelves as the burning media and put them through the three gates. Now burn it……. That’s all.

 This may be the worst method to dry my food waste and remove other burnable waste. But any way with very much limited space, this works for me little better. And the bad thing is , if those three gates are very much small, that would create huge smoke. So make sure to provide much oxygen for the burning process.

This is the prototype version. Once I am done with the commercial version , I will publish it here again. Thanks.